Talking to @JuliaDavidovich About Internet Backlash and Tweeting in a Series

Julia Davidovich is a writer living in LA. She co-authored the book Stats Canada: Satire on a National Scale, and together with her friend Zoe Klar (@madamezooble), Davidovich runs Lady Parts Mag, whose website launching next year will feature parody Cosmopolitan magazine style articles to accompany their parody Cosmopolitan magazine covers. This week I talked to Davidovich about three of her favorite things she’s ever tweeted. In our discussion we covered, among other topics, tweeting as part of a series, McRibs, and musician Mark McGrath.

I just wanted to display a very sarcastic statement about Charles Manson deserving this ridiculous marriage. Amazingly I received exactly zero backlash and across the board people understood it was a joke, and thank goodness, because I will be marrying Charles Manson in a simple Synagogue ceremony next year.

Do you ever get backlash from people who misunderstand your tweets? If so, what do you do when that happens?

I think everyone should ignore backlash because it’s not worth getting upset about. I’ve watched so many people go into this crazy-town spiral over asinine bullshit. Just remember that 9/10 times the person harassing you is either incredibly depressed, looking for a fight, or twelve years old. However, if I receive an entertaining or unintentionally funny response I will immediately text it to my friends and we’ll have a good laugh at their expense.

What is the best interaction you’ve had on Twitter?

I think the best interaction I had was when Mark McGrath (of hit 90’s band Sugar Ray) replied to my tweet:

I was on my way to a wedding where I wouldn’t know a single person and my fiancé Jon (@senderblock23) was a groomsman. I wanted to quickly become fast-friends with witch hunters attending the wedding by exclaiming this at the perfect moment, effectively making new forever friendships and ridding possible witches.

Going through your tweets, I see a bunch that include all-caps exclamations. Do you yell a lot too or is that just for Twitter?

I am a very low talker and have been told by at least three people that I am very polite.

Stay with me this might be hard to explain.

The way I picture this tweet playing out in my head (since it is a series of tweets) is someone walking around THEIR neighborhood saying THEIR good mornings to the mailman, and the paper boy, milkman, Amazon Drone, etc… like it’s a 50’s sitcom.

Except it’s me, walking through Venice Beach at 7:00am, like I do every morning on my way to my office seeing the same horrifying shit every day, greeting them with “McRibs are back at McDonald’s!” and their reaction is an unenthusiastic “i know”, because they have bigger shit to worry about, namely collecting cans and pissing in my general direction.

I’m really glad you chose this one because I like your McRib tweets a lot! Is there a certain point you decided to make them a series?

Not really, I just think McRibs are a disgusting product and deserve the ridicule. I just like doing a series of tweets about the same thing/theme because I think the joke is constantly improved/gets increasingly weirder.

Do you have other favorite series you’ve done on Twitter?

That’s like choosing your favorite child, so I’ll choose two:

The VONS pudding tweets

They’re like those *relatable* “when you…” tweets except they’re all about selling pudding outside of VONS which I have never done nor do I condone.

The Mark McGrath “Dexter” tweets

I’ve been trying to get Mark McGrath’s attention for quite some time. These are just tweets stating what Dexter is “doing” except it’s a photo of Mark McGrath. The Mark/Dexter tweets are for me.

Jenny Nelson writes and lives in Brooklyn and works at Funny or Die.

Talking to @JuliaDavidovich About Internet Backlash […]