Former ‘SNL’ Writer Cindy Caponera on Molly Shannon: ‘She Was Scrappy and Relentless’

“Molly’s path to SNL was impressive. She was scrappy and relentless. She did these crazy one-woman shows, and in between shows she would gather lists of names and phone numbers to ensure that when she did the next show she would have a full house. Again, pre-social media—that means thousands of tiny pieces of paper and business cards. She performed on these little stages in Santa Monica—climbing the rafters in characters she’d created. I’m still not sure how Lorne even found her.”

- Former SNL writer Cindy Caponera looks back on Molly Shannon’s stint as a cast member and the creation of her “licensed joyologist” character Helen Madden in a new piece for Slate.

Former ‘SNL’ Writer Cindy Caponera on Molly Shannon: […]