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Friends Countdown: The One With All the Bloopers

Photo: David Hume Kennerly/2003 David Hume Kennerly

The bouncy comedic timing on Friends set a decade-long standard for sitcom dialogue, but as expected, the cast inevitably flubbed a line now and again. While their scripted lines were hilarious, watching these beloved actors blunder, improvise, and ultimately reveal a bit of their off-screen personalities and friendships before a delighted live studio audience elicits a special kind of belly laugh. Once only clips you could see on special-edition DVD sets, now YouTube has them all. Take a look back at some of the series’ standout bloopers and gags. (And check out our 17 other days of Friends calendar here.)

Phoebe plays Nurse Lisa and Lisa (Kudrow) can’t stop laughing. 
Joey’s pep talk was a bit too much for her.

Monica and Chandler break the fourth wall. A lot.  
Matt Perry: Actually funny in real life! 

“Say Da-da. Say Da-da. Wait, don’t actually say it.
Or the scene where the child star playing Ben can’t act. You’re not supposed to be able to talk yet, you adorable thing!

“You don’t have to be Jewish to be helped by Chabad.”
Matt LeBlanc is a mensch.

“What do I smell?”
It’s acting, my friends.

The very famous “pivot” scene took quite a bit of work. 
Schwimmer cracks under the weight. Again and again and again.  

Remember when Ross played a bagpipe? 
I bet David Schwimmer does.

Danny DeVito takes Jen Aniston’s paycheck. 
“Rhea, we’re going to Tahiti!”

Never forget who your friends are, Jen. 
And Matt Perry has a mustache. That’s not a blooper. 

Lisa Kudrow rules. 
That’s all.

The One With All the Bromance. 
Cut to 1:14 for the cutest interaction between LeBlanc and Schwimmer. 

Courtney Cox gets a new nickname. 
Start at 1:50 to hear it. 

Jennifer Coolidge is on the receiving end of an A+ blooper.
Wait, what accent is that?

“They made me dance … in the fat suit.” 
And that’s all she wrote. 

Friends Countdown: The One With All the Bloopers