George Clooney Looks Cute As Hell on the Set of Downton Abbey

One weird tradition in British television is the yearly spectacle of charity holiday specials, in which all the famous TV people get together to record little comedy sketches for a good cause. It’s hard for us to understand because there’s no U.S. equivalent — these things look like real TV and sound like real TV, but they’re not real TV at all. They’re noncanonical, for one, and extremely silly to boot. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this image of George Clooney visiting the set of Downton Abbey for this year’s version of ITV’s “Text Santa” initiative. Look how cute he is! If George Clooney were a real character on Downton (which, again, he’s not), he’d definitely be called Lord Eyebrows Chinswith.

Photo: Nick Briggs

UPDATE: And now we have video. Work that smirk, George!

George Clooney Looks Super Cute on Downton Abbey