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Grimes’s ‘Christmas Song II (Grinch)’ Is Pretty Delightful

Instead of the regular family dinner, Grimes and her stepbrother, the rapper Jay Worthy, got together to make another Christmas song with their siblings, “Christmas Song II (Grinch).” And don’t knock them for the poor production value: Grimes explained that she made the video in “prob less than 2 hours” and wants you to know that this is “not a serious piece of art in any capacity and not an official grimes release.” That being said, it’s actually pretty delightful, with a free-flowing energy, sense of humor, and winks at the terrible year that was 2014 (the spoken-word outro is actually one of Amy Pascal’s leaked emails). Let’s blame it all on the Grinch!

Grimes’s New Christmas Song Is Pretty Delightful