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The Interview Made More Than $1 Million on Christmas Day

Photo: Sony Pictures

After all that, The Interview finally premiered on Christmas Day. Misguided patriots and Seth Rogen fans packed the 331 independent movie houses willing to show the film, generating more than $1 million in ticket sales. Sure, that’s probably a lot less than Sony originally expected to make on a $44 million James Franco vehicle that was scheduled to play in more than 2,000 theaters, but it’s better than the big, fat nothing the House of Pascal was going to earn had it gone ahead with its short-lived plan to cancel the theatrical release altogether.

Meanwhile, The Interview is available to buy and rent on YouTube, Google Play, Microsoft’s Xbox video, and While Sony wouldn’t say how many people chose to watch the movie from within the safe, judgement-free confines of their homes, the studio probably made some money online as well. Hooray for freedom, or whatever this whole thing was actually about.

The Interview Made $1 Million on Christmas Day