Master the Art of Saying ‘Sheeeeeeeeeit’ at Isiah Whitlock Jr.’s Acting Academy

As the sketchy Senator Clay Davis, Isiah Whitlock Jr. said the word shit a lot on HBO’s The Wire. With the show’s HD marathon recently completed, the actor revisited his favorite word and paid it forward by teaching others how to master the profanity in a short clip (below) published through the Whitlock Academy. The secret, he contends, is using nine E’s. That’ll help you achieve the senator’s nice, roaming cuss. It’s unclear exactly how comprehensive the acting workshop will be. When asked if this was the beginning of a web series, Whitlock told the Baltimore Sun: “That may be a little more technical than I am able to talk about. I would just say, over the next couple of weeks, we’ll let it roll out and see how people respond to it.” The Academy is accepting sheeeeeeeee-ity audition tapes via social media, with the hashtag #whitlockacademy, for now. (Fun fact: If you sign up for the Academy’s newsletter, you get a cool compliment. Also, guess what email service the Academy uses? MailChimp. Mail. Kimp.)

Learn the Secret Behind Saying ‘Sheeeeeeeeeit’