Mark Wahlberg Wants His Record Expunged So He Can Be a Cop [Updated]

Photo: Target Presse Agentur Gmbh/Getty Images

Why is Mark Wahlberg currently asking Massachusetts to clear his record of a felony assault conviction he received in 1988? Wahlberg’s petition states that a clean slate would be “a formal recognition that I am not that same person that I was on the night” he attacked two Vietnamese men, but there are also professional reasons: Wahlberg says his felony record could prevent him from “obtaining positions in law enforcement.” Now TMZ has found exactly what he means: The actor reportedly wants to be a reserve officer with the LAPD, a position in which civilian volunteers perform the duties of a full-time police officer. Neither of Walhberg’s victims has commented on the potential pardon.

UPDATE: One of Wahlberg’s victims, Johnny Trinh, says he forgives the actor, and agrees that Walhberg should be pardoned. “Everyone deserves another chance,” he tells the Daily Mail. “He should not have the crime hanging over him any longer.”

Mark Wahlberg Reportedly Wants to Join the LAPD