Matthew McConaughey Is Still Making Super-Weird Commercials for Lincoln

If you wanted more Matthew McConaughey car commercials, the actor has a pair airing on New Year’s Day during college football games, according to THR. Similar in tone to the first surreal batch, which was lampooned by Ellen, SNL, and South Park, these new ads (by Nicolas Winding Refn) feature a beard, sedans, some L.A. scenery, and, of course, more absurd musings. In one for a hybrid (below), McConaughey unleashes this sage gem: “It’s not about huggin’ trees. It’s not about bein’ wasteful, either. You just gotta find that balance. By taking care of yourself, it takes care of more than just yourself.” What he’s trying to say is it’s not about that multivitamin from Trader Joe’s. You have to go out and buy the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid — or at least the Lincoln MKZ — to be at peace with both yourself and Mother Earth.

There Are More McConaughey-Lincoln Commercials