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Meryl Streep Goes Full-On Rocker Chick for Ricki and the Flash

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Before she started doing the rounds for Into the Woods, Meryl Streep was busy shooting Ricki and the Flash, where she plays a guitar-thrashing performer who works at a grocery for her day job. Vulture recently caught up with script supervisor Mary Bailey, who was being honored at the New York Women in Film & Television’s Muse Awards, where she revealed that Streep goes all-in for Jonathan Demme’s dramedy. “Meryl is totally rocking out throughout the movie. I mean, she just went for it,” Bailey said. “Wait until you see her: She’s got these long blonde extensions and skintight pants. I feel like every time I see her in this look, it takes my breath away. She’s the same person, but the transformation is so believable.” 

This isn’t the first time Bailey has witnessed Streep completely slip into a role. She was on set with her for Angels in America, where Streep played an elderly Jewish rabbi, among many other roles. Apparently, Streep would get warmed up by getting into character early in the morning. Bailey was trying to get to the hair and makeup person when her path was blocked by a slow-moving rabbi. “I followed this incredibly slow rabbi for what seemed like forever and decided not to be rude and run around him. I was surprised when the rabbi turned for the same trailer, and I watch him trudge up the steps. I finally realized that this man is Meryl.” And that’s how you get 18 Oscar nominations.

Meryl Streep Goes Full-On Rocker Chick for Ricki