Punch a Monet!

Screenshot courtesy of PARTY Photo: Screenshot courtesy of PARTY

It’s Monday. Want to punch a Monet? A new browser game lets you go fist-to-canvas and get knuckes-deep in Monet’s Argenteuil Basin With a Single Sailboat.

Last week, IRL Monet-puncher Andrew Shannon was sentenced to six years in prison for his actions in 2012 (don’t worry, it has since been restored). As you take your anger out on the Impressionist masterpiece in the digital version, you can see the dollars’ worth of damage add up at the top of the screen — without the repercussions. The project was made by Tom Galle, Eiji Muroicc, and Dries dePoorter of Party New York.

But if wailing on a painting isn’t enough art-directed anger for one Monday, consider heading over to Ovation to watch Casey Jane Ellison’s comedy art show Touching the Art. It offers a very similar spiritual sensation to making like Taylor Swift in the “Blank Space” video and giving that stupid, pathetic streak of paint single sailboat a wallop. Boom.