See Ghostface Killah’s 36 Seasons Redone As a Comic

As if his outsize persona and near-superhuman skills weren’t enough, Ghostface Killah has long explicitly aligned himself with the world of comics and superheroes. He called his 1996 solo debut Ironman, and uses Tony Starks as an alias. More recently, comic artist Chris Bachalo designed three different album covers for Wu Massacre, Ghost’s 2010 collaborative album with Raekwon and Method Man. His 2013 album, Twelve Reasons to Die, was accompanied by a comic series written in part by noted comic author Matt Rosenberg.

Rosenberg again contributes to Ghostface’s latest effort, 36 Seasons, a concept album in which Tony Starks is sent away for nine years, killed, and comes back to life to seek vengeance. The album comes packaged with comic panels written by Rosenberg and illustrated by comic luminaries such as Rich Wojcicki and Artyom Trakhanov, among others — and we’ve got a selection of those images, as well as preparatory sketches and designs, for you here.

See Ghostface’s 36 Seasons Redone As a Comic