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Remember When Rachel and Chandler Did a Video Guide For Microsoft Windows 95?

“Taskbacks and emails and shortcuts, oh my!” God forbid Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston got paid anything less than a million dollars each for this wonderfully retro Microsoft Windows 95 guide. In 1995, Friends was doing pretty well, so Bill Gates himself must’ve called in a personal favor to get these two to joke their away around his computer console. Nevertheless, we now have 56 minutes of how-to and sitcom-y technology jokes from the two friends, who work their way through the Microsoft offices, meeting all the kooky people who work there.

  • Skip to 12:00 if you want to see Aniston order Chinese food on Bill Gates’s personal computer. 
  • Skip to 19:15 if you want to see them look at cat photos. Turns out cats were always popular online. 
  • Skip to 25:10 if you want to see a very young, very adorable Sam Huntington (Being Human, Detroit Rock City) play “Joystick Johnny” and play Aniston in 3D Pinball. 
  • Skip to 29:44 to see Aniston and Perry “zap” a bunch of people into a computer, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t actually a feature on Microsoft Windows 95, but whatever. 
  • And finally, skip all the way to 54:56 to see some guy play some groovy saxophone. 

Or just watch the full thing! So many Chandler jokes about floppy discs await you …

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See Rachel & Chandler Learn Microsoft Windows 95