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New In the Heart of the Sea Trailer: Chris Hemsworth Is Literally Going to Punch a Whale So Herman Melville Can Kind of Write About It

The first trailer for Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea emphasized the mystery and majesty of the open ocean — a fine angle, sure, but when you cast Chris Hemsworth in your sailing movie, you don’t do it to see him give lengthy philosophical monologues. You cast Chris Hemsworth in your sailing movie so that, when it comes time for our seafaring heroes to go toe-to-fin with an angry whale, you think they might actually have a chance. If you’ve read the book this movie’s based on [spoiler alert], you know they really don’t, but nothing wrong with giving people a little bit of optimism before all the shipwrecks and starvation.

The day after Halloween, Warner Bros. released the final trailer for Heart of the Sea, which includes a new narrator: You might recognize him. He likes the name Ishmael, and he likes writing it even more.

The movie hits theaters December 11.

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