The Interview Now Has a Higher IMDb Rating Than The Shawshank Redemption

Photo: Sony

When they’re not complaining about video-game journalism or trading celebrity nudes, the grumbling internet hordes at 4chan love doing pranks about North Korea. Four years after trying to send Justin Bieber to Pyongyang, 4chan users are now trying to troll North Korea itself by spamming the IMDb page for The Interview with perfect 10/10 ratings. As a result, the film now has an IMDb rating of 9.9, an impossible feat for something that’s not a Christopher Nolan film or an episode of Breaking Bad. (The change hasn’t been reflected in IMDb’s Top 250, which presumably has algorithmic safeguards against this type of thing.) It’s a stunning betrayal for Kim Jong-un, as he was the world leader most likely to be on 4chan.

The Interview Is Beating Shawshank on IMDb