Spider-Man Almost Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Photo: Niko Tavernise/Sony Pictures

For years, Marvel fans have dreamed of having all their favorite superheroes under one cinematic roof, where they could fly around, crack jokes, and punch each other, just like they do in the comics. Marvel, of course, would very much like that, too, as it would allow it to turn its current giant pile of money into an even giant-er pile of money. Now, with the recent Sony hack, it seems like that wish almost came true: Leaked emails show Marvel reaching out to Sony for a deal to include Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. Spidey played a pivotal role in the “Civil War” comics series, unmasking himself as part of a PR campaign for the pro-superhero-registration side. Unfortunately, that idea, as well as Marvel’s larger plan for the two studios to collaborate on a new Spider-Man trilogy, came to nothing, with Sony executives deciding to go ahead with their plans to make their own cinematic universe. According to the leaks, those plans now also include an animated Spider-Man comedy from the guys who made The Lego Movie, and maybe bringing back Sam Raimi as a director. They’re just gonna throw a bunch of things at a wall and hope that one, like Spider-Man, will stick.

Spider-Man Almost Appeared in the Marvel Movies