Best of James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Live Interview Tweet-a-Long

Photo: Sony

Four days after its release in select theaters and VOD platforms, The Interview is surging with hopes of finding as many viewers as possible. Since its Christmas Day debut, the film kicked off with a slow start at the box office, but it raked in roughly $15 million in online sales and downloads. (N.B.: Apple’s iTunes Store was late to the game, but the movie is finally available there either to rent or purchase.) To help promote the North Korean satire further, filmmakers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, along with James Franco, staged a live tweet-a-long of the movie yesterday. Here are some of the gems the trio shared, including behind-the-scenes info, research, wisecracks, and confessions (Warning: Spoilers ahead!):

Seth Rogen

Evan Goldberg

James Franco

Best of The Interview Live Tweet-a-Long