‘The Interview’ Screenwriter Dan Sterling: ‘Comedians Shouldn’t Be Held Accountable for Acts of Violence’

“Comedians shouldn’t be held accountable for acts of violence – and those we satirize shouldn’t be silenced. Sarah Palin is hilarious, and I would never want her silenced. It informs the debate. The problem is the people who make the threats. If Iran made a comedy titled Eat Shit and Die, America, I’d be the first guy in line – but then again I have a Pollyanna view. If all countries made satirical movies about each other, and that was the only way we all fought – what a great world we’d live in.”

- Former Daily Show co-executive producer and The Interview screenwriter Dan Sterling comments on the recent events surrounding Sony’s decision to cancel the film’s theatrical release in an interview with Creative Screenwriting.

‘The Interview’ Screenwriter Dan Sterling: ‘Comedians […]