Drake and Lil Wayne, Relax, It’s Okay If Nicki Minaj Is Just a Platonic Friend

The lyric video for “Only” didn’t quite work out, and as it turns out, neither does the real one. Nicki’s looking quite Fifty Shades of Grey in this one, abusing a dude with a Beats by Dre speaker slung around his neck (although that’s nothing new) while her two BFFs hang out by her side, ready for their features. Sounds good so far, but then Drake and Lil Wayne get their verses.

With the distracting Nazi imagery in the lyric video, you might not have realized how weird “Only” really is. Here are Nicki’s two friends (one of whom is also kind of her boss), and yet both rap exclusively about how they haven’t had sex with her, but if they could, here’s how they’d do it. Is this how friendship works? At one point or another, you guys must have a female friend (or two) that you haven’t had sex with. Maybe not, but we assure you, it’s an option.

Watch the video below. Nicki’s duct-tape joke is still funny.

Watch Nicki, Drake, & Wayne in the ‘Only’ Video