Watch a Tearful Clip of Anne Hathaway From Her Brooklyn Music-Movie, Song One

Song One may be packed with original songs written by Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice, but when we meet Anne Hathaway in this exclusive clip, she doesn’t feel much like singing. As an archaeologist unmoored by the car accident that has left her brother in a coma, Hathaway has begun to steep herself in the things her brother loved most, including soulful folk balladeer Johnny Flynn, her sibling’s favorite artist. She even treks out to Brooklyn to introduce herself to the musician, and while her nerves are still a little raw, perhaps she’ll find healing (or even love) with the hunky, blond Brit, who does the lion’s share of singing in this film — Hathaway herself only sings two of the tunes we hear in the film, despite possessing Oscar-vetted pipes. Still, when you’ve got a tender presence like Flynn on lead vocals, who’s going to argue? You can check both of them out when Song One debuts January 23.

A Tearful Clip of Anne Hathaway From Song One