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Bachelor Contestant: ‘Guys Like Taking Your Virginity’

The 19th season of the Bachelor franchise continues the show’s long tradition of being a fun-house mirror for American values. Love and marriage are super-duper important, but pay no attention to the fact that there’s a gaggle of other suitors also dating (and gettin’ it on with) your potential match. There’s nothing more attractive than honesty and openness (ha ha ha), but don’t be sad when forced to compete in degrading pageants. Remember, love is a contest, and you have to want to win — but not too much, because then you seem psycho. Last night’s episode proved just how warped the show’s attitudes can be when one woman told two others that she was a virgin. Rather than describing her own attitudes about her virginity, Ashley I. put the focus where it truly belongs: On whether the Bachelor will be onboard. “I don’t know whether he’ll like it or not,” she confesses.

“No, he will like it!” insists Mackenzie, jumping right in. “Every guy likes it. Guys like taking your virginity. No, seriously. I’m jealous. I swear to God that I’m jealous that you’re a virgin right now.” Mackenzie harps on this a bit, lamenting that she herself has a child and thus cannot be seen as a virgin.

Somehow the conversation never gets to what kinds of dowries everyone’s respective family is going for, but maybe that comes up on the one-on-one dates later.

Bachelor Contestant Super-Jealous of Virgins