Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling Join Brad Pitt’s Big Short Adaptation

According to Variety, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale have joined Brad Pitt in the film adaptation of Michael Lewis’s The Big Short, which will hopefully do for complex financial instruments what The Blind Side did for left tackles: put them quietly in the corner while an Oscar-winning actor emotes. Pitt’s producing, and the movie will be written and directed by Anchorman’s Adam McKay, a man familiar with alpha males who make decisions they immediately regret. Now begins the fun part of guessing which of these Hollywood hunks will play which Wall Street insiders: We’re guessing Pitt for Michael Burry, Gosling for Greg Lippmann, and Bale going Full Bale as Steve Eisman. Lewis’s book also had prominent roles for people like Meredith Whitney, Eugene Xu, and Wing Chau, but since this is Hollywood, you should maybe not hold your breath on them getting cast.

Bale and Gosling Join Pitt in The Big Short