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Billy Crystal Clarifies That He’s Terrified of All Sex on TV, Not Just Gay Sex

When Billy Crystal, answering a question on how television had changed since he played a gay character on Soap, told the TCA Press Tour this weekend that certain modern sex scenes “pushed a little too far for my tastes,” many in the audience inferred he was talking about the same-sex sex scenes on shows like Looking and How to Get Away With Murder. Now Crystal has clarified his remarks, telling The Hollywood Reporter that all naked people on TV disturb him, not just the gay ones: “What I meant was that whenever sex or graphic nudity of any kind (gay or straight) is gratuitous to the plot or story it becomes a little too much for my taste.” And just like that, Billy Crystal’s chances of appearing on Game of Thrones finally went down to zero.

Billy Crystal: I’m Terrified of All Sex on TV