CC:Studios Adds Five New Series from Matt Braunger, Rich Fulcher, and More

Comedy Central’s digital production wing CC:Studios just announced five new projects. According to THR, the network has added series from Rich Fulcher, Matt Braunger, David Angelo, Sean O’Connor, Taylor Orci, and Jared Nigro to debut in the near future. “I am sincerely proud of how our team has established CC Studios as an appealing destination for established and emerging comedy content creators,” said Comedy Central president Kent Alterman on the news.

Here’s a look at the projects set to debut on CC:Studios:

Untitled Matt Braunger ProjectIn the year 2042, all white people have been transported to The New United States (formerly known as Canada), leaving struggling actor Gary as the last white guy and only Caucasian representative in Los Angeles. If you feel bad for him, you’re racist. Writers: Matt Braunger and Kevin Avery.How to Be Friends With Everyone on Earth (working title)A Vine celebrity runs into awkward real life situations as he tries to adapt his six second videos into a book. Writer: Sean O’Connor.Untitled Rich Fulcher ProjectGuided by probing host Rich Fulcher and several of his high students, the series sets out to discuss absurd hypotheticals in much the same way as a science or history show. Writer: Rich Fulcher.Untitled David Angelo ProjectOne man’s epic struggle to overcome minor inconveniences – “Seinfeld” meets a sedative. Writer: David Angelo.Broken People (working title)Jared and Taylor have it all: an apartment, a robust relationship and a deep-seeded fear that they will never achieve the happiness that everyone else seems to experience. Comedy ensues. Writers: Taylor Orci, Jared Nigro and Scotty Landes.
CC:Studios Adds Five New Series from Matt Braunger, […]