‘Charlie Hebdo’ Will Print an Additional Two Million Copies of This Week’s Issue

The latest issue of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo hit the stands today, and the three million copies sold out within minutes. The Guardian reports that the publication will print an additional two million copies of the issue to meet the high demand, and Animal New York has embedded the full issue online and begun to translate the cartoons into English. Here’s a translation of Charlie columnist Zineb El Rhazoui’s parting message to her colleagues who were killed during last week’s terrorist attack via The Daily Beast:

“The pain will be long, will recur, and stretch out over time… But we will take a long time, a very long time, to discover and rediscover the hidden and unexpected treasures of your legacy. In the meantime, you have left us ovations when you lived being booed; you died unloved so that we might finally be understood. Thanks to you, we even got one year of free postage from the postal service! Everyone wants to help us, to read us, to subscribe, to buy us a coffee, a drink, a ticket… You are spoiling us long after your death, but now we know, we fear: When the hardship returns, it will return without you.”
‘Charlie Hebdo’ Will Print an Additional Two Million […]