Never-Before-Seen Pages From DC Comics’ Harley Quinn Valentine’s Special

Ah, star-crossed love. It can happen to anyone, rich or poor, old or young, tall or short, virtuous or — as is the case with Harley Quinn — violently insane. Quinn is one of the most beloved characters in comics (soon to be played by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad), and one of her defining traits is her on-again, off-again, wildly passionate, and intermittently murderous relationship with the Joker. So it’s only fitting that she should get her own Valentine’s Day special from DC Comics … and we’re proud to offer you an exclusive look inside it!

Here are finished pages from Harley Quinn’s Valentine’s Day Special No. 1, which hits stands (and digital outlets) on February 11. It’s written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, the talented husband-and-wife duo (awwwww) who write Harley’s current solo series, and drawn by John Timms. Surprisingly enough, Harley’s romantic pairing in this issue isn’t the Joker, it’s … Bruce Wayne? What’s going on?? Oh, comics. The issue is part of DC’s month-long showcase of Harley Quinn, including Harley-centric variant covers throughout the rest of DC’s comics lineup and a sale on Harley-related books. Behold these pages from the lovesick tale!

Exclusive: Read DC Comics’ Valentine’s Special