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Fifty Shades of Grey Is Rated R for ‘Unusual Behavior’

How hard will it be for minors to see Fifty Shades of Grey next month? Not very, so long as their parents are down. The MPAA has rated Fifty Shades of Grey R for sexual content, “including dialogue, some unusual behavior and graphic nudity,” according to Variety. Judging by the contents of the source material, a.k.a. E.L. James’s novel of the same name, it seemed like a no-brainer that the movie would have been deemed NC-17 — which means attendees would’ve had to be at least 18 to make it in the theater. In fact, that was virtually a promise. But NC-17 would have meant a narrower audience and a smaller box-office haul. Now, theoretically, you may wind up sitting next to teenagers and their parents. Maybe the movie’s producers will pony up some of the extra money for the inevitable family therapy sessions.

Fifty Shades Is Rated R for ‘Unusual Behavior’