Ben Affleck, David Fincher, and Gillian Flynn to Remake Strangers on a Train

Remember these guys? Photo: Warner Bros

Here’s something to be temporarily excited about: Deadline reports that Ben Affleck and David Fincher are teaming up to remake Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 thriller Strangers on a Train. They’re tentatively talking to Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn (!) and have already updated the premise. Instead of trains (apparently, no one takes trains anymore), these strangers will meet on a plane, and the film will be called Strangers. That’s not the only difference. Instead of a tennis pro, the protagonist (Affleck) will be a movie star in the middle of an awards-season campaign. The star’s private plane breaks down, so he hitches a ride with a wealthy stranger. Private planes! Rich psychopaths! Actors playing actors! Looks like this remake already has the perfect team. 

UPDATE: As Deadline has updated, the film is no longer called Strangers on a Plane. They’re simply going with Strangers.

Fincher & Affleck to Remake Strangers on a Train