Allison Williams Says Tracy Flick Was the Inspiration for Marnie on Girls

Photo: Getty

In the latest in a long line of good news for Allison Williams, the Girls star is on the cover of this month’s Glamour. Inside, she talks about how her success is the result of years of ambitious planning, dating all the way back to adolescence. “I was always outward about the fact I wanted to be an actress,” Williams says. “And it would bring out the [worst in other teens], like, ‘Who do you think you are?’ In their minds it would have been as if I’d said I would like to be president.” If you think that sounds a lot like Election’s Tracy Flick, you’re not alone: Williams adds that her Girls’ character’s unwavering self-confidence was largely based on Flick. “Lena [Dunham] says ‘Tracy’ a lot when she’s directing me — that’s Marnie’s thing … like you’re not supposed to like yourself. You’re not supposed to be confident.” Fittingly, Reese Witherspoon also returns the love, praising Girls for “changing cultural attitudes.” Celebrity friendship sounds so fun.

Girls’ Marnie Was Based on Tracy Flick