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Matt Zoller Seitz Live-Blogs the 2015 Golden Globes

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 72nd Annual Golden Globe awards, where the nominees are drunk from the minute they show up and your humble live-blogger does his best to catch up with them. Will Boyhood take 12 years to accept an award for Best Dramatic Film, or will Selma take it to the promised land? Will Jennifer Aniston eat her Cake and have it, too, for a movie only critics have seen? Will Birdman soar? Will Game of Thrones slay all comers in the TV Drama category, and will Orange Is the New Black lock its category away? Is there any way to stop me from asking questions all night? Has the live-blog software been equipped with a means of administering a mild electric jolt if I get too cute? Stay tuned, dear readers, stay tuned, and keep refilling daddy’s glass, yeah. (And please leave comments at the bottom of the article and I’ll respond when I can.)

Matt Zoller Seitz Live-Blogs the Golden Globes