Here Are the Best Answers From H. Jon Benjamin’s Reddit AMA

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H. Jon Benjamin, the beautifully monotone voice behind Bob Belcher (Bob’s Burgers) and Sterling Archer (Archer), entertained Redditors today with an AMA that was equal parts sarcastic and insightful. Fans of both shows lobbed questions in the form of marriage proposals and enticing would-you-rathers, while Benjamin fired back with a smashing assemblage of SAT words, factoids, and food-related trivia. For example, did you know Benjamin loves chicken parm sandwiches? Well, if you really want to make his day and be the best fan ever, hand-deliver one of those sandwiches to him, right after you punch him in the nether regions — his idea, not ours. Anyway, enjoy the wit of the voicing virtuoso below, and if you’re feeling adventurous, throw this on in the background.

Worst thing a fan has ever done to him?

Once a fan followed me into the ymca. that’s just not cool unless you’re a member. And i am a bit bacteriophobic so hugging can be problematic

On Demetri Martin:

i just did a small role on a movie he directed. i assume it will come out soon.

Remember “Jew Them Up“? He does:

That was really fun. i could have done that for a year. to this day, i will occasionally insist on giving someone double the money they ask for

What was he wearing for the AMA?

Just like a camo-print penis pouch, strapless on one side

Does he still talk to Jonathan Katz?

I do. I just spoke to him today coincidentally enough. They are doing a 20 yr anniversary Dr. katz show in san fran next week and I have reprise my Ben role.

Best way to get his attention if you ever see him in a public setting:

run up and punch me in the dick. that way i’ll know it’s you!

Favorite TV programs growing up?

detective shows were probably my favorite- barretta, columbo- there was a show called kolchak: the night stalker that i remember liking a lot. kolchak investigated supernatural events

He hasn’t watched Community and, oddly enough, has not seen Arrested Development (even though much of that cast is, or has been, on Archer) … C’mon!

I haven’t watched it yet, but I have been meaning to start. that and arrested development I have yet to see so those are mandatory viewing soon.

Things got spicy at one point:

i like a gal with a pronounced treasure trail

He revealed the best behind-the-scenes factoid:

I’ve met John Robert’s actual Mom and she’s pretty damn close. She had a disturbing interest in the show Blue Bloods from what I remember. She overshares and is very sweet just like Linda

Favorite Lionel Richie song? (In case you want to play this when you see him and punch him in the dick, obviously.)

Definitely ‘Hello’. I hate ‘Dancing on the ceiling’

On whether it helped to change the Tina Belcher character to a girl after the original pilot:

i actually do and i think loren does as well. That was a note from the network, but I do think if dan played a boy, it would have also resonated with awkward male adolescents in the same way Tina has become an icon for awkward teen girls

Does he ever quote characters in normal conversation?

there was a woman who worked at starbucks near me whose name was Lana and I did say ’Lana, Lana, Lana’ to her once but never yelled

On Jon Glaser:

i fondly remember how we came up with the fuggedabuddies. we were driving to hoboken to open for yo la ten go and we couldn’t find a parking space, so whenever we approached what we thought was a space, but ended up being a hydrant or a driveway, jon would yell ‘fuggedaboutit’ (because we were in NJ) and then we ended up somehow on us being a duo that said fuggedaboutit called the fuggedabuddies who were somehow from san diego and were jewish

If he had to create an Archer spinoff:

i know people have talked about Pam getting a spin-off. I’m pretty sure it was called The Poovey Files and she was like Magnum PI

How is he like Archer?

i definitely share archer’s penchant for annoying everyone around him and his juvenile sense of humor, and biggest difference, my chest is significantly more pillowy

He played a quick game of FMKE:

i would FMKE (fuck marry kill eat) Pam

A weird thing happened with him, Sam Seder, and Seder’s elderly uncle:

sam and i went to florida to research a show about a young guy who went to live in a retirement community. When we were there, he was showing us scripts he wrote for his community’s annual play- like vaudeville-esque stuff. Without Sam’s consent, I offered him the chance to write the script and he did and Sam and I submitted that to the network. It was like 70 pages and had a 7 page scene of viagra jokes pulled from a joke book. The network was not amused.

His favorite running joke on Archer:

i would have to say the messages on his voicemail.

Favorite Belcher child?

i really like louise, but i think bob likes Tina best. She’s the most reasonable

What does the H. stand for?


Just how different are the Bob and Archer voices?

i hope they are a bit different. i think archer is bit lower register and certainly louder and more assertive. bob is a lot less confident, probably due to hirsuteness

Guess how many more seasons of Archer there will probably be:

over 70

On the funniest Archer line he’s ever read:

i think i laughed really hard when i read the meowshwitz joke, but i am sucker for holocaust jokes

He doesn’t typically hug, but he will:

i mostly fist bump or kiss on the mouth

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The Best Answers From H. Jon Benjamin’s AMA