dick tie

The Boy Next Door Inadvertently Teaches Us About the Magic of the ‘Dick Tie’

Helllllo. Photo: Getty

Cosmopolitan asked The Boy Next Door’s titular “Boy,” Ryan Guzman, about his J.Lo sex scene, and at one point, Guzman mentions that while J.Lo got “all these cool gadgets” to keep things professional during their sex scene, all he got was a sock and a “dick tie.” Hold up, what’s a dick tie? “I can’t believe I’m describing this. But it’s this elastic thing on this sock where you make it as tight as you can so that you get no blood flow or anything going on, and it kind of holds on to your man parts so the sock isn’t, you know, pulled off during the scene.” That’s right: a device that blocks the blood to the penis from getting “involved” in a very nonsexual sex scene. A true Hollywood marvel. Thank you, Ryan Guzman, for lifting this important curtain.

Boy Next Door Star Explains Wearing a ‘Dick Tie’