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How The Real World Deals With Fights Now

Maybe it’s the new people, maybe it’s the new twist (people, or “skeletons,” whom the seven strangers have issues with in their actual life come to the house), but as this season continues, The Real World: Skeletons keeps on proving the show’s humble beginnings are very much in the past. Remember when simply slapping someone or pushing them hard enough could get a housemate kicked out? Last night showed that now the housemates are forced to watch a play-by-play of their brawls instead, as if they were puppies and the producers were shaking their mess in their faces, saying, Look what you did.

The whole episode is below, with the fight starting around 13:45 and the producers’ scolding starting at 29:00, but the gist of the issue is that Florida mean girl Violetta does not like that when the casts’ skeletons start arriving, the bubbly free-spirit Madison is hospitable. In Violetta’s mind, Madison not ignoring these people or throwing their luggage over the balcony (a new Real World tradition) means that she is betraying the rest of her roommates.

Violetta attacks Madison, Madison defends herself, and then hotheaded Sylvia escapes Jason professing his love for her to go defend her best friend Violetta and choke-slam Madison. When all is said and done, and Madison is dragged across the floor by her throat, Violetta and Sylvia are unapologetic. Violetta still stands by her drunken antics as her alter ego Claryse’s doing, while Sylvia says that she assaulted Madison because she saw her in Violetta’s face. Furthermore, Sylvia says she would do the same for Madison if she saw someone in her face. But wait, wasn’t Violetta the one who was in Madison’s face? Wasn’t Sylvia herself in Madison’s face, for that matter?

Her logic is meaningless, as at this point, we are all just hoping the last skeleton to be revealed is a black hole that sucks these terrible housemates up into oblivion. Either way, it is sad to see the first great reality show become a cruel shadow of what it once was.

How The Real World Deals With Fights Now