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Judi Dench Has Harvey Weinstein’s Name Tattooed on Her Ass

Dame Judi Dench was mostly working in British television before kingmaker Harvey Weinstein cast her in the lead role of Queen Victoria in Mrs. Brown, for which she earned the first of seven Oscar nominations. How could she thank Weinstein, the man who had everything? Well, Dench got him the best gift she could think of: his name on her ass. Specifically, she got “JD Loves HW” tattooed. Weinstein relayed a delightful story of when she first showed the tattoo to him at the Four Seasons Grill on The Graham Norton Show. “What can you say to see Judi Dench’s name stenciled on your ass?” Weinstein mused. And he’s not the only one she has shown it to publicly: Dame Dench also showed the tattoo off to Oprah Winfrey at the BAFTAs last year.

Judi Dench Got a Harvey Weinstein Tattoo