Larry David on His Broadway Debut: ‘Not a Day Goes By That I Don’t Regret It’

Ahead of his Broadway debut in March, Larry David recently sat down for an honest chat with Vanity Fair about Fish in the Dark, which solidified his belief that he’s not an actor because “if I’m on stage my instinct is to talk to the audience, not the other way around.” Despite working with a voice coach, David told Vanity Fair that once she started talking about diaphragm, he responded: “You’re wasting your time. I could do this with you for the next 50 years and nothing would happen.” His best response, however, came after a question about his decision to take on a leading Broadway role:

Not a day goes by that I don’t regret it. In the things I’ve written, like on Seinfeld and Curb, whatever else, it was always a character trying to get out of something. And this is the first time I can’t exercise that muscle, because I know it’s too late. There’s nothing I can do. Nothing.

David and his regrets will make their live Broadway debut on March 5th at Cort Theatre.

Larry David on His Broadway Debut: ‘Not a Day Goes By […]