If You Like His New Song, Eddie Murphy Might Do Stand-Up Again

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Before you listen to the song below, please think about what you’re doing. Recently, Eddie Murphy released a reggae song called “Oh Jah Jah.” This fact alone isn’t notable; he released a reggae song with Snoop Lion in 2013. This is important because of what he told Rolling Stone about it.

When asked if he plans to release an album, Murphy answered, “If people respond to [’Oh Jah Jah’], then I might. If people don’t, that shit will just stay on the shelf where it’s at.” Okay, that’s fine enough, but wait — that’s not all. When asked if he’d ever perform music again, Murphy said something very important:

“You know what, if I drop one of these tracks and it jumped off, I would go out and do some shit. My fantasy I always be having when I think about getting onstage is to do everything. If I came back and did stand-up again, I can’t just be like the other stand[-]up comics. To have a real hot band, play some tracks for about 40 minutes, the curtain drops and then you do an hour of jokes? That’s a unique-ass show. [Laughs] That’s the ultimate vision.

That’s right: If “Oh Jah Jah” is well received, Eddie Murphy, one of the most powerful forces of comic nature ever, will do stand-up again, after 25 years away from the form. It’s something to consider. You may listen now.

Like Murphy’s Song So He Does Stand-Up Again