Ludacris Released a 20-Minute Mixtape Called LudaVerses

HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 05: Chris Ludacris Bridges arrives to the Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures'
Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images

In case you forgot about him, Ludacris is back — with a mixtape. Ludacris opens LudaVerses with this: “Excuse my absence. People been out here burnin’ bridges. Seems like I gotta remind you motherfuckers who I am. You know what they call me: Luda!” Over the course of the 20-minute tape, he samples from ILOVEMAKONNEN’s “Tuesdays,” Pusha T’s “Numbers on the Board,” Jay Z’s “Tom Ford,” Nicki Minaj’s “Only,” and others. Ludacris’s full-length album, Ludaversal, is due out March 31 (and he’ll be appearing in Furious 7 April 3), so this should be enough to hold you over until then.

Ludacris Releases 20-Minute Mixtape, LudaVerses