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People Don’t Go to Movies Anymore Because Tickets Are Too Dang Expensive

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Why didn’t you go to the movies this year? If you said “Because tickets were too expensive,” congratulations — you agree with the rest of America. In a new poll by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 25 percent of respondents said they went to a movie theater less in 2014, with 53 percent saying high ticket prices were the reason audiences were staying home. (Though the survey was measuring perceptions, other data seems to validate these claims: Third-quarter ticket prices were up 3 percent in 2014, while the overall box office declined 5 percent over the year.) Second to “ticket prices are too high” was the fact that “movies are not as interesting as they once were” — but, of course, the reason movies aren’t interesting is because Hollywood deals with declining attendance by only green-lighting safer and safer projects. It’s bad news all the way down!

Moviegoers Say Tickets Are Too Dang Expensive