Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer Just Got Bigger

Photo: USA Films

Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer series is turning into quite the celeb-packed event. Deadline reports that a slew of guest-starring and recurring characters will pop up in the form of Lake Bell, Josh Charles (as a rival camper), Rob Huebel (a rival professor), Jayma Mays, Randall Park (a librarian in love with Shannon), Paul Scheer (a journalist), Richard Schiff, John Slattery, and Michaela Watkins (a brash New Yorker). The new recruits join the already-large amount of original cast members for the eight-episode series, to be directed by David Wain and written by Wain and Michael Showalter. While the 2001 movie was set on the last day of a fake Jewish summer camp, the Netflix installments reportedly take place on the first day of camp. No other details about the series are available, but rest assured, summer is coming.

Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer Got Bigger