Here’s a Celine Dion Moment From Xavier Dolan’s Mommy

If your interest was piqued in Mommy the moment it took home a prize at Cannes — or perhaps when director Xavier Dolan bared his soul (and tattoos) yesterday in our Vulture interview — consider this exclusive scene a nice little morsel to tide you over until the film’s U.S. debut tomorrow. It’s Mommy in miniature: In this scene, single mother Diane (Anne Dorval) and her shy neighbor (Suzanne Clément) discuss Diane’s teenage son Steve (Antoine Oliver Pilon), who can be a holy terror one moment and then a baby-faced sweetheart the next. Here Steve is better-natured than normal, now that Canadian treasure Celine Dion is playing on the soundtrack. Sway with him, won’t you? But be warned: The next time Steve blows a fuse, it won’t be pretty, and it will doubtlessly require both of these strong women to keep him in check.

See a Celine Dion Scene in Xavier Dolan’s Mommy