Shia LaBeouf and the ‘Chandelier’ Girl Have a Cage-Match Dance-Off for Sia

However you currently feel about Shia LaBeouf, this music video isn’t really going to change that. But with the talented Maddie Ziegler (of Dance Moms and “Chandelier” fame), he performs a cage-match dance number that’s half-creepy (those faces!) and half-impressive, considering his very Shia dedication to the craft. Maybe you just want to see a dirtied Shia LaBeouf in nude undies? Well, that is here, too.

This isn’t even the first modern-dance credit to Shia LaBoeuf’s now–James Franconian résumé. Here he is doing some in a Sigur Rós video. (Fair warning: He is also naked.)

Shia LaBeouf Performs Modern Dance in Sia Video