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There Will Be a Bob’s Burgers Cookbook

BOB'S BURGERS: Bob fires the kids so they can have the summer vacation he never had when he was their age.
Photo: FOX

If you love Bob’s Burgers and the punny burgers-of-the-day names, then you probably love Cole Bowden’s Tumblr, the Bob’s Burger Experiment. Bowden takes the names you see on Bob’s chalkboard, creates a recipe, and then crafts an outlandish, gourmet burger from scratch. NPR’s the Salt reports that after two years of making the internet drool, Bowden’s recipes for such inventive dishes as “I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings,” “The Foot Feta-ish Burger,” and “A Good Manchego Is Hard to Find,” among others, will see print.

Rizzoli has signed on to publish Bowden’s work, which found support from a unique fan: Bob’s creator Loren Bouchard. Bouchard steered clear of the blog at first because he didn’t want to disrupt Bowden’s creative process. But at the behest of the blogger, Bouchard wound up collaborating with Bowden briefly — and thus a partnership was born. “The work he has done deserves to be printed and bound and put up on a shelf somewhere,” Bouchard told the Salt. The cookbook project is still in its infancy (no dates yet), but Bowden is set to provide the recipes, and Bouchard is supplying the illustrations.