Watch the Backstreet Boys Visit Lou Pearlman’s House in Their New Documentary

Lou Pearlman was the boy-band mogul who brought the Backstreet Boys together, but the shady entrepreneur was no mere benefactor. Pearlman drew up contracts that made him the de facto sixth member of the band, and when the boys eventually realized that Pearlman was somehow making far more than the pittance they were given, they sued their creator. It’s a contentious relationship explored in the new documentary Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, and in this exclusive scene from the film (in theaters and on demand January 30), you can watch as the Backstreet Boys return to Pearlman’s estate to reminisce, though the mogul himself is currently locked up until 2029 for engineering a Ponzi scheme. Still, his influence looms large over all five of the Backstreet Boys — just look at the way Nick Carter anxiously chews through his fingernails on the way over.

Watch Backstreet Boys Visit Lou Pearlman’s House