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Watch the Finale Montage From Parenthood

Last night’s Parenthood series finale — sniff — was a tender farewell to the Braverman clan. Yes, Zeek died, but peacefully, in his home, and after a life well lived, having lived long enough to walk his daughter Sarah down the aisle and meet his namesake great-grandson. In pure sob-o-matic fashion, we also got to see touching flash-forwards of how everyone is faring a few years down the road. Watch, weep, enjoy.

Camille got to go have thrilling international adventures. Viva Camille.

Crosby and Jasmine have another baby, and Crosby and Amber happily co-run the Luncheonette as a family-friendly business.

Joel, Julia, Sydney, and Victor get a dog! The family adopted Victor’s bio sibling, and in the flash-forward have another baby as well. Four kids and a dog. Good luck, folks.

Amber GETS TOGETHER WITH JASON STREET. This is the most important part of the montage. QB 1! They have a little girl, too. Her ex Ryan appears to have gotten his life together enough to be present in Little Zeek’s life, but when it comes to Friday Night Lights alums, Amber made the right choice.

Hank, Sarah, Drew, and Ruby uh … had dinner.

Max graduated from high school, which is not so shocking since his parents created that high school, even though they had absolutely no qualifications whatsoever to do so.

Everyone seemed very happy, but maybe someone could take it upon him or herself to teach these people how to throw a damn baseball?

Watch the Finale Montage From Parenthood