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Where Did We Leave Off on Girls?

Photo: HBO

Girls returns for its fourth season on Sunday, and it picks up very close to where things left off at the end of last season. And where did things leave off at the end of last season? With everyone in a state of change, that’s where.

Hannah: Our bumbling heroine was accepted into the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, which she excitedly told Adam about right before his stage debut. He responded badly — not to her news, he claimed, but to the timing of how she told him. After a big fight right after the show, Hannah came home to her apartment, alone, and happily and purposefully clutched her acceptance letter.

Adam: Adam was starring in Major Barbara on Broadway, and he’d repeatedly pushed Hannah away over the course of the season so he could better focus on preparing for his part. Hannah told him the news about Iowa right before his debut, and he was convinced it ruined his performance. After the show, they fought. “I’m sick of trying to ‘work it out,’” he told her. “Can’t one thing ever be easy for you?” On the heels of him moving out, this certainly seemed like a breakup conversation.

Jessa: She was working for Beadie, an artist who asked Jessa for help committing suicide. Jessa dutifully procured pills, and Beadie took them, but at the last minute, changed her mind and begged Jessa to call 911. (Which she did, of course.)

Marnie: Marnie giddily hooked up with musician and actor Desi right before Major Barbara, but then bumped into Desi’s girlfriend Clementine in the bathroom, who called Marnie out as a “sad, pathetic mess.” Then Marnie happily, clandestinely watched as Clementine and Desi shouted at each other outside a bar.

Shoshanna: She wasn’t graduating on time as she expected, which sent her into a dark time. Marnie confessed that she’d slept with Ray, so Shoshanna got to live out everyone’s fantasy and shoved Marnie down and screamed, “I hate you!” right in her face. Later, she tearfully begged Ray to get back together. “Please? Please?” she begged. Ray declined.

Ray: Ray’s just Ray-ing it up. He thanked Shosh for helping convince him to buy a credenza. She did not say “you’re welcome.”

Where Did We Leave Off on Girls?