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Your Guide to Parks and Recreation Reaction GIFs

Start saying your good-byes: Parks and Recreation is leaving us very soon. We’ll have the memories, the reruns, and, thanks to the internet, a whole lotta GIFs. Here is a guide to making sure you know exactly which GIF to save and send when you can’t quite express yourself in words. That way, Leslie and the gang will always be there for you.

So let’s say something amazing happens.

Did that just happen?

Oh, yeah.

It totally did.

Time to celebrate.

Unless, that is, you’re totally jealous.

And you just don’t wanna hear about it anymore.

Maybe you should take action?

Or perhaps others will help you stay positive.

You know what? It works.

We did it.

But what about Andy?

Did you guys hear he’s a kind of a superhero dude now?

Crazy but true.

But you should be happy! We’re all moving on to better and brighter things. Let’s celebrate.

(But not too much.)

We’ll miss you, Parks and Rec. Enjoy TV heaven; we hear it’s nice.

Your Guide to Parks and Recreation Reaction GIFs