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16 Saturday Night Live Profiles and Interviews From Our Archives

Cover of New York’s 1975 profile of Chevy Chase

As the show is famously set in New York, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that New York Magazine has long covered Saturday Night Live. Earlier in the week, we shared the magazine’s first-ever review of the show, from 1975. Now, with the show celebrating its 40th anniversary this Sunday, we wanted to share some of our SNL profiles, interviews, and oral histories from throughout its run. Here are 16 articles, covering everyone from Chevy Chase to Jay Pharoah.

1975: Profile of Chevy Chase during the show’s first season.

1982: Profile of Eddie Murphy during his third season on the show.

1985: Profile of Martin Short during his season on the show.

2007: Profile of Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island, between their second and third seasons on the show.

2009: Profile of Kenan Thompson during his seventh season on the show.

2011: Brief oral history of the first episode back after 9/11.

2011: Joe Piscopo interview largely about his time on the show.

2012: Interview with Vanessa Bayer during her second season on the show.

2012: Interview with Taran Killam during his third season on the show.

2014: Interview with Jay Pharoah between his fourth and fifth seasons on the show.

2014: In conversation with Lorne Michaels.

2014: Garrett Morris on six memories from the show’s beginnings.

2014: Dennis Miller on five “Weekend Update” memories.

2014: Oral history excerpt about Kristen Wiig’s farewell sketch.

2014: Interview with SNL biographer about how working on the show has changed over the years.

2015: SNL’s set designers discuss building the show.

16 SNL Profiles and Interviews From Our Archives