Do You Ever Intend to Actually Buy an Album Ever Again? If So, It’ll Come Out on a Friday Now

You can thank Beyoncé. Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Back in the dark ages (or, you know, 2003), people would line up around the block at their local record stores to buy the newest albums. It would usually happen every Tuesday, but, alas, that tradition is no more. In addition to record stores being dead, so is the Tuesday album release date. Thanks to Beyoncé (but mostly piracy), starting this summer, all albums worldwide will come out on Fridays. That means no more having to wait days or even months for an album that’s out in New Zealand to hit iTunes in America. So the next time U2 decide to stick their album on your phone without asking, they’ll get to ruin your entire weekend, too.

Albums Will Now Come Out on Fridays