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Justin Bieber Tries to Prove He’s a Good Person by Buying Dinner for Some Cops

Justin Bieber and cops who are not there to arrest him at the Comfort Diner in Manhattan.

The Justin Bieber rehabilitation campaign continues. While at the Comfort Diner in Midtown Manhattan, the Biebs (or his publicist?) noticed a group of New York’s Finest eating dinner alongside him. He decided to pay their tab, which TMZ reports came out to around $200, and the cops took a photo with him to show to their families. Of course, if something doesn’t exist on social media, it may as well not have happened, so the Biebs posted the photo on Shots and Twitter as evidence of his good deed. He’s a good guy now, so don’t try to mess with him or anything, man.

Bieber Bought Dinner for Some Cops