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Broad City’s Abbi Is More Confident Than Ever

Abbi as her alter ego Val on last night’s Broad City. Photo: Comedy Central

In last night’s episode, we find out that the usually reserved Abbi has a daring alter ego named Val, a 1930s-style cabaret performer who only shows up when Abbi is blackout drunk. Val has Liza Minnelli–like star power and your great-grandmother’s slang; unlike Abbi in her day-to-day life, she’s got a sort of “men love her and women want to be her” vibe. She’ll also eat her own nose ring simply because she loves diamonds.

Abbi usually seems quiet compared to the generally brazen Ilana, but she’s slowly been revealing herself to be more confident this season. I thought they’d drag out her crush on Jeremy — the hot, bearded neighbor — for years, but not only did she get to date him, she also pegged him before half of the season was over. And in the most surprising show of confidence, she has the balls to dump him when it quickly sours instead of pining or backing down.

Can you imagine Abbi at the height of her power?